Hikoki Power Tools have been at the forefront of product development for many years, striving for continual innovation and cutting-edge design. This has resulted in the company receiving awards for product design from many organizations, including the iF Design Award, Industrial Design Excellence Award, and the Good Design Award.

About Hikoki

Hikoki Power Tools (UK) Limited, based in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, is a subsidiary company of Hikoki Koki Co. Limited. Hikoki Koki Co Ltd was founded in December 1948 as a manufacturer of coal mining machinery and equipment and electric power tools.

In 1981 Hikoki Power Tools (UK) Limited was established in the London area, as part of Hikoki Koki's long-term export plan to distribute their power tools on a worldwide scale. In 1987 the company moved into the purpose-built Head Office in Milton Keynes, which remains the sales, marketing and distribution center for the UK and Ireland.

The Hikoki Electric Power Tool 3-year warranty

If you have purchased a mains or cordless power tool and would like to register for an extended warranty