Quick, Clean Channelling in a Single Operation


Day after day, Metabo products prove their efficiency in professional use - in the hardest of conditions worldwide.

Where professionals give their best, they have to be able to rely 100% on a partner, even more: They have to trust that partner.

Therefore "when it matters" is the core thought of our new international brand appearance, which shows the use of our tools on construction sites all over the world - authentic, illustrative, genuine.The appearance supports this with a powerful and brand-specific delivery.

About Metabo

Professionals worldwide bank on the Metabo brand - this is the achievement of our 1,900 employees in more than 120 countries. Being a medium-sized company rooted in the Swabian region, innovative strength, competance and a down-to-earth attitude are part of our strengths from the beginning. Become part of our traditional company and contribute your passion towards the fact that Metabo products meet the requirements of our customers with the highest quality and reliability.

Our values: courage, passion, dynamics and trust

Together we develop, produce and sell first-class power tools and accessories for professionals in the metal trade, in the metal industry and the construction trade and renovation sector. We trust in our committed and motivated employees, who embark on new paths with us and make Metabo a dynamic and open company. Every day at our headquarters in Nurtingen, more than 1,100 employees fulfil our values - courage, passion, dynamics and trust - with life...

The Metabo 3-year warranty

Our power tools have a particularly long service life. As they rarely require repairs, Metabo has developed an additional warranty for you - the XXL warranty. If you register, the normal warranty is extended to 3 years.